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Bahasa Indonesia Course

Bahasa Indonesia Course for Expatriat. Learn with Bahasa Indonesia National Language Native Speaker. Speak Fluently only in 1 month

Learning Bahasa Indonesia

With Bahasa Indonesia Native Speaker

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Learning Bahasa Indonesia

The best time to learn Indonesian is before you move to Indonesia, but finding language materials in your home country can be difficult. It is a good idea to ask your sponsor to help you get her CDs and books a few months before you move so that you can get used to the sounds of the language and familiarize yourself with its structure and vocabulary. Another option is to take an online course. There are free online Indonesian language courses, but the material provided is rather limited and mostly suitable for beginners.

Indonesian is not as difficult to learn as many other foreign languages. For example, verbs are not conjugated like they are in English or French. Bahasa Indonesia shares the same alphabet as English, making it much easier to learn than other Asian languages with different tones and pictograms.

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Learning Bahasa Indonesia Program

Learning with native speaker. 1 month can speak Bahasa Indonesia fluently

  • Learning listening, reading, writing and speaking in Bahasa Indonesia
  • Preparation for having a conversation with the Indonesian people
  • Preparation for study in Indonesia
  • Preparation for work in Indonesia

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Why Choose Us

Learning Materials

Easy way to understand Bahasa Indonesia by using our best learning materials


Best method to help you understand Bahasa Indonesia easily only in 1 month


Bahasa Indonesia Native Speaker will be your tutor special for you


Our tutor has been trained well in order to facilitate you learning Bahasa Indonesia


Intensive class maximum 8 students in order to make you more focused on learning Bahasa Indonesia

1 month can speak Bahasa Indonesia fluently

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